Meet the Top Manufacturer of Enclosures in Dubai

Whether you are looking out for the enclosure for the employee security or for the protective archive storages, fireproof items, literature organizers, you will find the best storage solutions online from us at Elite Group who is known as the best manufacturer of enclosures.

We as the best enclosure manufacturer Dubai at Elite Group make sure that the customer gets the best goods when they shop online. You can have a look at all our enclosures which display the match and one can buy them at fair prices too.

Get a perfect option

With million number of the unique furniture options, you can find the perfect solution for home and style. Choose our most suitable brand and find perfect option that can help you fulfilling all your storage needs.

We as the enclosure manufacturer Dubai makes sure that our enclosures are made from fiberglass – reinforced polyester and are also compression molded. Our enclosures can provide the amazing impact resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal insulation too.

Use of stainless steel hinge

Our enclosures are light in weight, holds smooth-surface, highly flame retardant and non-conductive. They all can be drilled easily. We as the enclosure manufacturer UAE make use of a stainless steel hinge and many of them come with pneumatic control, components and instruments. We as the enclosure manufacturer UAE understands the importance of enclosures and thus offers complete protection from the rain, windblown dust, hose-directed water and corrosion or from splashing water too.

Our platform manufacturers UAE are modular in their designing and make use of the tubular fittings which can proffer secure, corrosion and robust access to the platforms. We use the shelf-fittings which allows platforms for proper delivery and they get quickly constructed and easily without any disruption on-site.

Making use of the fittings we allow safe designing of structures that also hold a working platform height of around 3m and with this fitting and tube construction, one can offer a customized and bespoke solution for egress and access needs.

Designer platforms

We are the platform manufacturers UAE that promises for designing platforms which suit well the purpose and are best for different applications. They match well the criteria and get delivered with the clear instructions of assembly and drawings.

The larger platforms also get delivered in the sections which are pre-assembled and ready for the installers for installing them right away on the site. For better and efficient access to the products, the scissor lifts can be even configured for offering the ergonomic positioning to the operators around. Check out our platforms and expert designed enclosures online.